Life Tools for Local BusinessTM

FunMango is a Smartphone App for Local Businesses, to publish & update their content across the web, connect & manage customer relations, in real-time.

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Breathe Life into your content. Everywhere.

Breathe Life into your ContentTM. Everywhere.

  • Update content in real-time on your Website (PC & Mobile), FunMango consumer app, FunMango consumer website (PC, tablets & Mobile), Social networks, & 3rd party listings sites.
  • Publish LIVE Blog, Events, Media, Menu/Catalog & Location related information, all from with one app.
  • Keep your business listing updated in 150+ leading local search & yellow pages websites

Communicate with built-in Premonition

Communicate with built-in Premonition

  • Give context to the Calls & Text even before you pickup with customer info and history of previous visits
  • Reduce the time spent on Calls & Messages with MangoCall TM & MangoTextTM
Communicate with built-in Premonition

Track Customers Using LIVE Reviews

Wow your customers by responding
immediately to LIVE Reviews

  • Check and respond instantly to Reviews/Feedback
  • Send Coupons and special offers to those that give you particularly useful feedback or to please those that are less than pleased with their experience

Track of your Location’s social pulse

Keep track of your Location’s social pulse

  • Receive real-time updates as people share, like & give reviews for your business.
  • Keep a check on how well you are doing compared to neighborhood competitors with the Activity Level bar.
Track of your Location’s social pulse

Create Promotions, Coupons, Offers & Track their effectiveness

Create Promotions, Coupons, Offers & Track their effectiveness

  • Create Promos / Coupons & propagate to multiple channels: Your website, Facebook & Twitter pages, FunMango website & apps. You can also create personalized coupons for Birthdays & Anniversaries.
  • No need to spam consumers with emails, they always stay connected using their FunMango App.
  • Measure campaign effectiveness with accurate statistics.

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